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melton titan tubaMelton 46-SLP "Titan" F Tuba.
Apollo b-and-s tubaB&S 4100II "Apollo II" F Tuba. Precedent owner: Mel Culbertson.

Original Eb York:

One of the Oscar Abella's fetish tubas is this original York in E flat (ca. 1929) "Monster" model, with four piston valves. It was produced at the United States and acquired in England. The bell was cut at some point of its life, going from 50 to 40 cm.
Tuba Mi bemol York"York" Eb Tuba (ca. 1929).
Tuba Mi bemol YorkEngraving of the bell: York Band Inst. Co. - Grand Rapids Michigan.
Catálogo York TubaDetail from the York catalog. On the right, the "Monster" model: "The king of all! The tone of a Bb with the fingernig of an Eb".



Tuba Melton 3225 UrsusMelton 3225 CC Tuba "Ursus".
Tuba b-and-s NeptuneB&S CC Tuba "Neptune".

John Fletcher's CC Holton:

Tuba Holton John FletcherCC Tuba from the Holton factory. Its precedent owners were John Fletcher and Mel Culbertson, who added a 2 whole tone 5th valve to it.
Tuba Holton John FletcherJohn Fletcher playing the Holton.
Tuba Holton John FletcherThe Holton in a Philip Jones Brass Ensemble's disc cover.
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